Stupa Illustration

Help Us Complete the Land of Infinite Bliss!


With the aid of many volunteers and visiting monks, we have finished the foundation of the stupa and have the basic structure of the center ready. To finish we need your help! This is a lengthy project in which each stage may take multiple preparations and varying materials in order to complete. Click below to go to our donation page and see which contribution fits you. As donations come in, the stupa in the left will fill up until we reach our goal.

The Institute now invites everyone with a simple path to promote and inspire us to go further.

TCIA founder, Geshe Dorjee, has a myriad of activities every month: from public and private teachings, meditation classes, to performances and cultural discussions. TCIA sustains each of these commitments through financial assistance. This commitment is made possible by the generous financial support of those sympathetic to the purposes of the Institute. Now, through a small monthly donation, we can ensure that you have a direct impact on each of these activities every month.

Our primary needs are to provide a space for public teachings ($200/month), a stipend for our teacher ($500/month), and in general all the costs to keep the organization running and always able to provide information and resources to the general community.

Our current goals are to finish the retreat center’s main building, its final floors and ceilings (~10-20k), running water and plumbing (~10k), the landscape around the center (~5-8k), and for the center to be able to house longer retreats.

Continued efforts in supporting Minyak Kanzen, Drepung Loseling Monastery, Tutors for Tibetans, and the TEXT program are also within our responsibilities.


All donations made to TCIA are fully tax deductible.